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Break Free From Bondage And Deception Associated With The Jezebel Spirit

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Dethroning Jezebel Session 1: Becoming an Overcomer


Hello, my name is Sandie Freed. I am an author of over fourteen books, an international minister, and a co-senior pastor of a local church in Hurst Texas.

And, almost everywhere I travel and minister the senior leaders ask me "How do I deal with the Jezebel spirit that is attempting to destroy our church?" Or they will ask me: "Do you think he/she is a Jezebel?"

FreedomI always ask "Why do you think so?" Now, Iím very discerning...but I want to know what has been manifesting in this particular person. Everyone almost always says "He/she is so over-the-top controlling! He tries to take over everything. I give her a small tasks and next thing you know sheís taken over the entire thing! And then when I try to bring correction she lays on the false flattery or the fake tears!"

Yep...control...manipulation...seducing...fake tears....thatís Jezie!

Then there are the ministers who ask, "How do I deal with the Jezebel spirit that is attempting to destroy my family....and my business?"

So you see, the Jezebel spirit seeks to destroy Godís children, silence the voice of the prophets, seduce us into idolatry, inflict infirmity and cause both financial and spiritual poverty!

It is my heart to empower every child of God with revelation concerning the tactics of the enemy...and Iím especially willing to expose, defeat and dethrone the Jezebel spirit.

Jezebel is Seductive!

Keep in mind how seductive a Jezebel spirit is... it will lie to us and suggest that we have no hope and soon we will begin to confess a death wish. Remember, when Jezebel threatened to kill Elijah that he believed her, and then ran off to the desert and prayed to die.

Aren't you glad God doesn't answer all your prayers? I certainly am! But I'll tell you the truth, I've been like Elijah at times and confessed "this is too hard," "I can't do this anymore," "Lord, just take me home, I'm not doing anyone any good!" Maybe you can relate.

To agree with the enemy will yoke you with the enemy! Yes, you will be bound up and chained with his lies and many deceptions. In my recent book, The Jezebel Yoke: Breaking Free from Bondage and Deception, I provides a "test" which is a check-list to determine whether or not someone is yoked with a Jezebel spirit.

Do you relate to any of these symptoms which point to someone being yoked with this evil stronghold?

  • Patterns of desolation, barrenness, lack of fulfillment and/or hopelessness?
  • Patterns of fear, terror and anxiety attacks?
  • Addictions and/or eating disorders?
  • Insecurity and inferiority?
  • Extreme jealousy and competition?
  • Chronic dissatisfaction?
  • Performance oriented?
  • Perfectionism?

If you can relate to any of the above, it's quite possible you are yoked with a Jezebel spirit.

If you ready to be set free from this oppressive bondage and deception, then I invite you to...

Dethroning Jezebel (Part 1)

Breaking Free From Bondage And Deception

Welcome to an opportunity to be loosed from the captivity of deceiving spirits connected to Jezebel. Never before have I felt so compelled to empower God's people with revelation that will help them be freed from captivity.

I am passionate about helping you and others be loosed from the grip of Satan. Like you, I too have cried out in desperation in the past to be freed from various yokes of captivity.

Much of the bondage I experienced was due to deception from the enemy and believing his lies. Overcoming the deception and lies has strengthened my mandate to help others.


Earlier this year (2017), I (Dr. Sandie Freed) taught a LIVE 6-session online course to empower and equip people to dethrone the spirit of Jezebel in their lives.

The Jezebel YokeEach 90-120 minute sesson consisted of 55-90 minutes of teaching and a prayer of impartation, followed by about 30 minutes of Q&A.

Here is what we will cover during the six live sessions:.

Session #1: Becoming an Overcomer

  • The importance of not "tolerating" a spirit of Jezebel
  • The great rewards if we overcome
  • Who this Jezebel really is
  • Jezebel and her early beginnings
  • Taking the Jezebel Yoke Test to determine if are you yoked with a Jezebel spirit

Session #2: The Demonic Yokes of Jezebel

  • Defining a demonic yoke
  • Satan wants to yoke you with his plans and purposes
  • Ahab and Jezebel yoked an entire nation
  • Overcoming chronic dissatisfaction
  • Overcoming perfectionism, confusion and a "works" mentality

Session #3: Jezebel's Fornications and Witchcrafts

  • Exposing spiritual fornication and witchcraft
  • The influence of Baal in the O.T. and today
  • Destroying the yokes of the python spirit and pre-mature death

Session #4: The Yoke of Idolatry

  • Exposing Baal worship today
  • Examining and defeating the evils of Jezebel's second God, Ashtoreth
  • Let's refuse to compromise
  • Denouncing our covenant with Baal and Jezebel

Session #5: The Roots of Jezebel

  • The characteristic of an Ahab
  • The root of rebellion
  • The root of control and manipulation
  • The roots of pride, fear, rejection and abandonment

Session #6: Mantles and Anointing

  • Receive a fresh anointing that destroys the yokes of Jezebel
  • Your new mantle of authority awaits you
  • Rise up and receive the Jehu mantle to destroy and dethrone Jezebel

My prayer is that you are as desperate to be free as I have been. I have been called by others a FREEDOM FIGHTER. It is a fitting mantle, I believe. I have had to fight diligently to be free and to walk in different levels of freedom.

Though Christ paid the price for our freedom at the cross, there still remains a personal battle as each of us takes off the old man and puts on the new. This course is meant to empower you to do just that.

If you are truly committed to freedom and are as desperate as I am to remain free, I have faith that you will be able to submit to the Holy Spirit and experience His power to loose you from Jezebel's yokes of captivity.


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Stories Revealing How Powerful And Important This Training Is



More testimonials

  • Sandie Freed provides so much good information. But the best of it all is that her training is Spirit led with the love of the Father evident as she shares what she has learned and come through victoriously.
  • Sandie teaches specific details of how a Jezebel operates, giving participants the ability to be able to recognize its operation in yourself and in others.
  • The whole unfolding of the topic and all that it incorporates was quite mind blowing to and for me!!!
  • Sandie's personal examples and experiences are my favorite part of her teaching.
  • I really enjoyed the questions that you (Sandie) asked us to ask ourselves. I hate that spirit and as a person that operates in prophecy I recognize others operating in that spirit but I also want to recognize where I have come into agreement with that Spirit and how rejection has played a part of being trapped by that spirit in my own life.


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Cash SavingsBonus 1: 67% Cash Savings

If you sign up by 11:45 pm Eastern on August 7, you will receive a 83% savings ($100 instead of $600) for all 6 sessions.

Bonus 2: Spiritual Discernment Class

In this 3-session class, Dr. Sandie Freed teaches you how to discern what God is saying to you. You will be stirred and activated into knowing the enemy's tactics. By listening and receiving an impartation of spiritual discernment though this series, you will tap into a new level of hearing God's voice.

Spiritual DiscernmentThis teaching set includes three sessions, each with an audio replay, video replay, outline, transcript, and PowerPoint.

Session 1: Spiritual Discernment on a Daily Basis

As the church confronts the spirits of darkness at greater levels, there is a need for increased spiritual discernment. We are living in perilous, troubled times and if not careful, even the elect might be deceived. To properly discern demonic strongholds requires the exercising of the gift of discernment as well as teaching and training.

Session 2: Exposing Satanic Strongholds and Using Spiritual Discernment

We must properly discern which stronghold is in operation at certain times. Discernment releases levels of prophetic prayer and warfare which are necessary for breakthroughs. This series gives understanding of the need for individual deliverance and corporate deliverance as the gift of discernment is in operation.

Session 3: The Prophetic Ministry and Spiritual Discernment

The prophetic ministry involves a "seer" anointing which involves a level of spiritual discernment. Discernment is not for the "judging" of others, but for discerning the thief (the spirit of darkness) which is in operation. This unclean spirit is discussed in detail on this disc as well as death structures- both needing spiritual discernment to properly identify.

These three sessions have been pre-recorded. For each sesssion, you will receive the audio replay, video replay, outline, and PowerPoint.

To receive this bonus, please sign up by 11:45 pm Eastern on August 5.

Bonus 3: Release from Barrenness Class

This teaching set includes two sessions, each with an audio replay, video replay, outline, transcript, and PowerPoint.

Release from BarrennessSession 1: The Prophetic Anointing Releases Us From Barrenness

The Lord sees each of us completed in our destinies and when the prophetic ministry is active, we are released from the desolation and barrenness. The Word of the Lord empowers us to be fruitful and to multiply. In this season there is a release to sing and shout over every barren circumstance as He brings breakthrough. This series establishes the truths which bring increase, enlargement and completion.

Session 2: A Certain Place

The Lord has a certain place that we are called to so that we can witness completion. Abraham was obedient to walk the land and experienced blessing and increase. We cannot remain attached to the past if we desire increase. Walking into places of fulfilled destiny requires determination and maturity. This teaching will empower you to endure adversity, disappointment and spiritual attacks as you fulfill your destiny.

To receive this bonus, please sign up by 11:45 pm Eastern on August 3.


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How This Training Works

In May and June 2017, I (Dr. Sandie Freed) taught this 6-session course live.

Now, when you enroll, you will receive immediate access to all 6 sessions, including video replays, audio replays, outlines, PowerPoints, transcripts, and more.

The purpose of this course is to empower and equip you to dethrone the spirit of Jezebel in your life to set you free of bondage and deception.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction GuaranteeWe know this training will give you vital insight into the days in which we are living, so I'm offering a 100% money back guarantee with this training program. So, if for any reason you are not delighted with this course within 30 days of when you sign up, we will either reconcile the problem or refund your entire investment.

You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

Your success is our success and vice versa!

Summary of What You Get

Summary of what you get6-session training program

  • Session 1: Becoming an Overcomer
  • Session 2: The Demonic Yokes of Jezebel
  • Session 3: Jezebel's Fornications and Witchcrafts
  • Session 4: The Yoke of Idolatry
  • Session 5: The Roots of Jezebel
  • Session 6: Mantles and Anointing


  • Bonus 1: 83% Cash Savings ($100 instead of $600) (expires August 7)
  • Bonus 2: Spiritual Discernment Class (expires August 5)
  • Bonus 3: Release from Barrenness Class (expires August 3)

Additional Benefits

  • Access to private member site through December 31, 2017 with audio and video replays, outlines, PowerPoints, transcripts, and more
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


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  • Bonus 1: 83% Cash Savings ($100 instead of $600) (expires August 7)
  • Bonus 2: Spiritual Discernment Class (expires August 5)
  • Bonus 3: Release from Barrenness Class (expires August 3)

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Sandie FreedBlessings to be set free of bondage and deception!


Dr. Sandie Freed
Freedom Fighter
Founder, Freedom Revolution


Dr. Sandie Freed co-labors with her husband, Mickey Freed, doing the work of the Lord as a ministry team. In addition, they are the founders of Zion Ministries Training Center in Bedford, Texas, and Lifegate Church International. Sandie has traveled nationally and internationally teaching dreams and visions seminars and on spiritual discernment. Her ability to adequately prophesy and discern spiritual strongholds over regions has released numerous breakthroughs for individuals and ministries. Sandie has authored Dream On, and thirteen other books, most of which are in several different languages. Dr. Sandie and Apostle/Pastor Mickey are ordained with Christian International Ministries, serving on their Board of Governors. They have been married since 1973, and have one daughter, Kimberly.